Mondays Are NO Good

Mondays are no good.
Second week of school, four classes, all English, all pretty hectic readings that demand attention. Internship is going well (I believe!) and although that’s another level of hectic I don’t mind and I wouldn’t change it.
The comic book is coming along-but slower than I’d like to admit. I’ve tried to force myself to understand that writers nowadays have to work on multiple projects at once, but this still doesn’t make me anymore likely to pull myself from a new episode of Blacklist or Sleepy Hollow when I know that precious time is wasting away.
Loving Sleepy Hollow btw, the season finale was SO GOOD!!!

So I’m almost pretty much setup for the rest of the semester, a few more work things and meetings and I will know how utterly horrible my schedule is going to be. Despite this I am still dedicated to creating some kind of discipline (with my writing), as well as my drawing so I can keep chugging pages for E.

I would also really like to write for Sleepy Hollow. PLEEASEEE!!!

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Page Sampler for E.

Page Sampler for E.

One of the pages I’m almost finished with for digital comic book E.

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I’m Still Here!!!

Consistency is key.

I really want to try and keep up with this blog, but I’m so haphazard! I have all these ideas and projects, but they overlap too much it seems with real life stuff I have to do like WORKING and STUDYING!! I failed a lot last year. I was a real spaz without a car, taking the bus to an internship can kind of suck. I was really depressed, extremely anxious all the time, and every time I revised my writing for class I realized how much I needed to improve.

But that was last year. I like new years because I hate making mistakes, but a new year reminds me that I can start all over again. Hopefully I’ll be able to. I say I want to do this this and that, but really it’s more difficult than it sounds. So my new resolution is to post every Monday to this blog, tracking my progress as I try to write spec scripts, my own comic (WHICH IS FINALLY UNDERWAY!!!) and do school, work, and an internship.

We’ll see how this goes! I’m excited about trying, and maybe if I keep up this excitement from the beginning I’ll be able to keep up my goals without being too overwhelmed!

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Currently my week dragged me along. I have classes back to back, then work, then a meeting, then class again. I trudge along to my dorm by 9pm, a little grumpy and thinking about how much I hate homework and that horrible HAZELNUT coffee they serve on my way back.

It’s very horrible coffee. I’ve had my share of watered down slop and crunchy coffee grind surprise, but this is THE WORST. It’s flavored (with Hazelnut I suppose), but it’s like how medicine is flavored when it’s bad and it wants to pretend like it’s not. Like Tylenol Cherry Flavor for Kids. The flavor just makes me notice how bad the coffee is. 

Grumpy as I am I step over clothes and slip on open books. I try to do homework in a very comfortable memory foam chair, still scowling at the hazelnut coffee in one hand and undone homework in the other.

I’m not entirely sure when I go to sleep, but I’m sure it happened during that moment when I was supposed to “just take a nap”.

Tuesday was somewhat like Monday, but not as stressful or plagued with back to back scheduling. It seems I’ll be able to make up for Monday’s horrors with Tuesday, if still in a narrow margin.

On the upside- I like being busy, it’s hard too think too much when you’re busy. I’m not so anxious when I’m busy. My mind is filled with current issues and tasks already preventing me from making up problems that don’t need solving.

At the moment I’m trying to keep myself writing. I have Creative Writing tomorrow and my first exercise is due (soooooo scary!!!). I’m planning to finish the first script for Catumbo this weekend, but we’ll see. I’m also hoping to shoot some shorts, and do preproduction for a music shoot if I can find any willing bands.

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Since I got my new laptop, it seems plausible that this one will be able to handle digital art a lot better than the other one, thusly, I’m working on Catumbo script while I’m in school!
This is the possible cover I have for right now.

More soon!!!

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A rough sketch I did while watching my favorite show Hannibal.

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“The Chief Who Was No Fool” – A Tale In Three Parts (In Progress)




I finally finished the first two of the three-part series. The last one I haven’t been content with so I’m redoing it, but I believe that I’ve given enough narrative for at least the beginning and middle of the story to be told. I never thought about art as a form of narrative, but now that I’ve started realizing what it can do I’m REALLY into it. I have no idea what I want to do with this when I’m done. Any suggestions?

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Another Unfinished Piece

based off of: Orphan Girl at Cemetery by Delacroix

based off of: Orphan Girl at Cemetery by Delacroix

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A Short Piece of Writing Ramble

Photo Courtesy of: Dave Heuts

Photo Courtesy of: Dave Heuts


On Colorado and Fair Oaks there’s a bus stop.

It’s packed with people who sit and stand. Many of them are dressed in business suits, some in casual clothing, others are ruffled, scruffy hippies hunched over on the sidewalk when there’s no longer a seat left to sit.

The sun is too hot to allow for affection or empathy. An Asian man mumbles under his breath in Cantonese as he shifts from one leg to another. He’s an older gentleman with a wrinkled face, covered in liver spots and white hair beginning to thin. He leans on a black cane and seems to bend as the sun beats down.

No one offers him their seat. They look down the road for the bus and tap their feet and look at the time on their phones.

A man walks by. He’s dressed in soiled blue jeans and a dirty white shirt. His hair is stringy and blonde, the same broken straw as his beard. He has cloudy blue eyes and when he grins (and he does grin from ear to ear, splitting his face into sun tanned wrinkles) gaps show between teeth.

He smiles at the group. He asks for money for the bus and is rebuffed with monstrous grimaces and snapping retorts. He means no harm and walks away, but at a corner his eyes glaze and he looks upward. His shoulders shake violently; his mouth opens and closes as if gasping.

His hands are the most horrifying-they curl like claws and then force themselves open.

It happens for ten minutes. While the light changes he stands there exposed and incapable of composure. People stare as they carry their Aeropostale bags across the street. Some of them whisper comments and watch him with suspicion.

The police drive by and keep going.

When the bus finally arrives the man stops. He lets out an agonizing groan and doubles over.

He stays there to catch his breath as a crowd pushes their way onto the bus; they sigh with relief from the sun.

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A Piece I’m Working On

A Piece I'm Working On

Inspired by African art, especially bushman and ancient art, I decided to do something a little more intuitive than controlled. Kinda weird. Definitely unfinished, probably for a while though.
It has Three parts to it when finished.
It’s based on the African folklore “The Chief Who Was No Fool”.

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